Love this place! Staff is courteous and knowledgeable. Dr. Gonzalez is an amazing doctor who really cares about keeping your pain under control. I have seen many different doctors dealing with my fibromyalgia, they are by far the best I have had.

Dr. Gonzalez is very knowledgeable and is extremely engaged in doing everything in his power to help you. He uses many different techniques beyond  pharmaceuticals to help you. His education and in depth skills have impressed me and have helped me so much. He seems to always have the answer to my pain. I would highly recommend him to those in need of help and to those who are willing to listen to the professional and be 100% engaged in helping yourself.

"Dr. Gonzalez is a wonderful doctor. I've been a patient of his for the last almost 5 years, and he and his staff have always been very respectful, compassionate, and concerned with helping me get through my pain in the best way possible. I am always greeted with a smile and am always well informed of all the conditions, procedures and medications I have. In the event that I need to call the office, I always receive a timely return call by one of Dr. Gonzalez's office staff."